Professional support for company transactions and financing

The Quantum Partners team will help you optimize the value of your business: by selling to strategic partners or financial investors, by raising capital or by acquiring other companies. We help you identify and execute the best solution.
If the shareholder structure or the financing of a company changes significantly, a lot of value can be created or destroyed in a short period of time. Our job is to ensure that value is created! If there are any open issues and need for action before the start of a transaction, we help you plan and implement the necessary preparatory steps.


Company sale

We find the best partner for your company and optimize the selling price. We take responsibility for the entire process, from preparation to closing, and vouch for the success of the project.

Company acquisitions

We assist you in the acquisition of companies by identifying suitable targets, initiating talks, leading negotiations, valuating and assessing companies until the deal is successfully closed.


We support you in the search for growth capital and other financing. If you are looking for an investor, we not only focus on an attractive valuation, but also on selecting a partner who can really advance your company.

Ready-to-exit support

We help you prepare for a future transaction in a timely and professional way. We help you identify potential for improvement and work with you to develop and implement effective measures.