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M&A and Corporate Finance advisory

Quantum Partners is an independent M&A advisory firm based in Munich, Germany. We support companies in all corporate finance matters, in particular in company sales, mergers and acquisitions, as well as in raising growth capital. Each project is managed by an experienced partner at all stages.

Our clients are typically entrepreneurs, mid-sized companies, private equity and venture capital investors as well as family offices.

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We find the best partner for your company and optimize the selling price. We take responsibility for the entire process, from preparation to closing, and vouch for the success of the project.

If you want to acquire a company, we support you by identifying suitable targets, initiating talks, leading negotiations, valuating and assessing companies until the deal is successfully closed.

As an experienced corporate finance advisor we will finde the right private equity investor, if you are considering a partial sale or major growth financing. Not only is an attractive company valuation important to us, but also the selection of a partner who can really take your company forward.

You have achieved initial success with your startup and now need venture capital financing to quickly scale your business. With our expertise and the direct connection to numerous venture capital investors, we are able to close financing rounds together with you at short notice.

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M&A is the abbreviation of the term Mergers & Acquisitions. In simple terms, it refers to the sale of companies and the acquisition of other companies. After successful completion, an M&A process in its entirety is also often referred to as an M&A transaction.

In the case of a company sale, M&A consulting will include the following elements: The preparation of a (preliminary) company valuation, the holistic presentation of the company, its business model, market and potentials with an information memorandum, a comprehensive financial planning, the identification and approach of potential buyers, the gathering of offers, the conduct of negotiations as well as the coordination of the due diligence. As M&A advisors, we assume full responsibility for the success of the project up to the so-called closing.

M&A processes are complex, take a relatively long time (typically 6-9 months) and often involve a lot of money. Sellers and buyers naturally have different interests in terms of company valuation, risks, legal procedures and many other issues. On the buyer’s side, you are faced with experts who bring a lot of experience to the table. Therefore, involve specialists who represent your interests.

Typically, the process of a company sale takes six to nine months, from the start to the successful completion of the transaction. The M&A process consists of a large number of individual steps, which we divide into four main phases: a) preparation and processing of company information and drawing up the longlist, b) approaching potential buyers and management meetings, c) preliminary contract and due diligence, d) contract negotiation and closing of the transaction.

The successful completion of an M&A advisory process depends on various factors: The state of the company, the market situation, the preparation of the sales process and the professional execution of the M&A mandate. Different buyers have different interests in the company to be sold. In the preparation phase, it is important to determine which buyers come into question, which results in the so-called long list. It is important to think holistically in this step: For which buyer is it an ideal addition in their scope, who could succeed in entering the market with the purchase of the company, etc. The goal must be to receive not just one offer from a buyer, but ideally several offers from which the most attractive buyer can be selected. During the sales process, there are many hurdles that can jeopardize a transaction. Solid transaction preparation and negotiation skills help increase the likelihood of a transaction. Our experience shows that typically out of 20 potential buyers approached, about three to five buyers show initial interest and of those, one to two potential buyers enter into serious negotiations. However, this can vary greatly depending on the topic.

The starting point of a so-called buy-side project is a precise understanding of our client’s objectives. On this basis, a search profile is defined in which the most important characteristics of the desired acquisition are specified, e.g. industry or business model, regional focus, a corridor in which sales and profitability should move. We research suitable target companies and present them to our client. The companies prioritized by the client are approached by us discreetly, the most important parameters of the search profile are checked again and the general readiness for a company sale is clarified. In this context, we also understand the general situation of the target company, e.g. whether an entrepreneurial succession is desired or whether a sale of business shares is a possibility for other reasons. We promote a transaction with the seller, moderate the process of getting to know each other and further discussions, and will accompany our client holistically as M&A advisors in the further course of the process.

We bring concrete experience as managers, shareholders, advisory board members and management consultants in a wide range of segments. Our focus is on Industrial Technology, Software and Business Services, Digital Media, E-Commerce and FinTechs. Due to our extensive experience in buying and selling companies, acquisitions, spin-offs, divestments as well as corporate financing, we are also able to achieve clear added value for our clients outside of these segments. Another focus of our M&A advisory services is the development of strategies for medium-sized companies, especially when a change of ownership is intended in the medium term.

The term corporate finance covers a whole range of instruments and activities in the field of corporate financing, financial management and related fields. The most commonly subsumed are classic financing measures with equity or debt capital, acquisitions of companies, company sales and IPOs.