Company sale

We find the best buyer for your company

If you intend to sell your company, we will assist you in finding the best buyer. We prepare the necessary documentation and business plans, lead the negotiations and optimize the offers on your behalf. We will guide you through the entire process until a successful closing of the transaction.

The sale process at a glance

  1. Preparation

    ~ 4-6 weeks

    Together with our client we define the strategy and a project plan. What is the best time to contact potential buyers? Which groups of buyers could be interested to buy  your company, and for what reason?

    We prepare a comprehensive documentation for potential buyers. An information memorandum, a holistic presentation of your company, its technology, customers and market, a complete financial plan, plus an anonymous teaser.

    It is important to us to deliver a professional and positive presentation of your company, that includes the current status but puts an emphasis on future opportunities. To do this, we take the perspective of potential buyers and ask ourselves what makes your company especially interesting.

  2. Approach

    ~ 4 weeks
    We identify potential buyers and approach them. We always go beyond the obvious candidates and will identify parties that you would not have expected to be interested. To do this, we conduct intensive research, conduct expert interviews and use powerful databases. It is important to us to engage with all potential buyers in the same timeframe. Our client should be enabled to compare different offers and decide on the most attractive package. We proceed very carefully and will only disclose company name and details after a confidentiality agreement has been signed.
  3. Negotiation

    ~ 4 weeks

    We coordinate the communication with the buyer and lead negotiations for you up to the signing of a term sheet, in which the cornerstones of the transaction are defined. We work with you to prepare meetings and presentations thoroughly. Furthermore, we derive valuation scenarios and think of ways to optimize the purchase price in your interest.

    It is important to us to define a transaction structure that meets your expectations as closely as possible. Beside purchase price optimization, other factors such as the integration of your company, the role of the management, or the incentivization of employees might be important for you.

  4. Due Diligence

    ~ 4-6 weeks

    Once a basic economic agreement is reached, the buyer will examine your company in greater detail. We will help to set-up a well-structured virtual data room for this purpose, containing all essential information, like contracts, reporings, legal documentation etc.

    It is important to us to start early with the preparations for the due diligence so that the review runs smoothly and quickly. Critical information, e.g. concerning technological know-how, customers or current projects must be treated with care. We are well aware of this responsibility and will work with you to develop appropriate solutions, for example by anonymizing documents or limiting access rights to certain information.

  5. Signing & Closing

    ~ 4-6 weeks

    Very often the final agreement, the so-called Share or Asset Purchase Agreement, is negotiated in parallel to the due diligence. Even though specialised lawyers play an important role in this step, we coordinate the process very carefully in order to secure the deal and avoid unnecessary costs or risks.

    It is important to us to involve experienced transaction lawyers, as this will make contract negotiations more efficient. We are happy to introduce you to various legal advisors – the decision stays with you.

    Our role is to make sure that all parties pull in the same direction. We act as a moderator if problems and any hurdles might arise. Overall, we feel responsible for the success of the company sale transaction up to the signing and notarization of the agreement.

Call us for a confidential exchange of ideas. We look forward to discussing our approach, our industry expertise and references for our work.

Dr. Andreas Brinkrolf
Managing Partner
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