Private equity investment

We find the right private equity investor!

We support you in the search for a private equity investment. When it comes to equity-related measures, we focus not only on an attractive valuation but also on selecting the right investor who can strategically advance your company.

The process at a glance

  1. Preparation

    4-6 weeks

    Together with you we define a strategy for the fundraising process. What type of private equity investor suits you? How much capital should be raised and how much can this accelerate organic growth? Which shareholders want to sell their shares, who wants to remain invested? Will the funds from private equity financing be used for acquisitions?

    We prepare a comprehensive company presentation that describes your business model and showcases technology, customers and markets. We also develop a new financial plan and an anonymous teaser.

    Our aim is to provide a professional and positive representation of your company, emphasizing the full potential and future opportunities. To achieve this, we take the perspective of a potential investor and ask ourselves what makes your company especially interesting for him.

  2. Approach

    ~ 4 weeks

    We have a very large network of potential investors, which we actively foster and maintain. This enables us to quickly check the interest of private equity investors and obtain initial feedback.

    Private equity investors are used to examining an opportunity very quickly and making a decision quickly. Just as with the sale of companies, it is also important when looking for investors to coordinate this step in time so that you can ideally choose from various offers.

  3. Negotiation

    ~ 4 weeks

    We coordinate the communication with potential investors and lead negotiations for you up to the signing of a term sheet. In such a document the key economic terms of a capital increase will be summarised.

    From your point of view, the decision in favour of an investor should take into account the expected future cooperation and should not only depend on the valuation. Does the investor has valueable industry experience? How well does your company fit into their portfolio? How will the investor manage the investment?

    The decision for a new shareholder is very important. It should be based on facts, but also take your gut feeling into account. What kind of people will you be working with, what kind of culture and approach will you be given in the discussions? At an advanced stage of the negotiation, we would recommend that you talk to the managing directors of other portfolio companies of the favored investor.

  4. Due Diligence

    ~ 4 weeks

    We support you in preparing a well-structured virtual data room that contains all essential information about your company and enables an efficient review. We aim for a stringent, clearly managed process that keeps you as little as possible from your operational duties.

    Thanks to our longstanding experience, we are often in a position to influence the investor if we believe that a certain information request can be satisfied in a more pragmatic way. However, a very good preparation of the due diligence is of importance that can hardly be underestimated.

  5. Participation agreement

    2-4 weeks

    We coordinate the contract negotiations and find solutions to any problems and hurdles that may arise. Although specialized lawyers play an important role in the drafting of the participation agreement, we feel responsible for the transaction up to the signing and notarization of the contract.

Call us for a confidential exchange of ideas. We look forward to discussing our approach, our industry expertise and references for our work.

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Managing Partner
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