Venture capital investment

We find the right venture capital investor!

We accompany you through the entire process of a venture capital investment. In doing so, we aim not only to achieve an attractive company valuation, but also to find a cooperative and value-creating partner for your startup.

The process at a glance

  1. Preparation

    4-6 weeks

    Together with you, we determine the strategy for the financing round: The leading venture capital investors receive thousands of business plans every year. As a startup, you need to stand out from this crowd to successfully raise venture capital. Therefore, the right positioning of the company is crucial.

    We know what a potential venture capitalist is interested in and what he needs for his decision. We put ourselves in the investors' shoes and work out what makes your company particularly interesting.

    To do this, we create a comprehensive and holistic presentation of your company, explain the business model and present the product/technology, customers and markets. We also create a new financial plan and an one-pager.

  2. Approach

    ~ 4 weeks

    We have a very large network of potential venture capital investors, which we actively maintain. With this background, we can quickly clarify interest and obtain initial feedback. A VC is either enthusiastic about an investment opportunity from the very beginning or will turn it down. We need to arouse this interest and then build on it with well-prepared information.

    The approach must be well coordinated in terms of timing so that, in the best case, you can choose from different offers.

  3. Negotiation

    ~ 4 weeks

    We are responsible for the entire communication with potential investors and lead the negotiations for you until the signing of the so-called term sheet.

    In order for it to be a good result for you, it is not only important to have a fair company valuation, but also important side conditions, such as liquidation preferences, veto and co-determination rights.

  4. Due Diligence

    ~ 4 weeks

    We support you in creating a well-structured virtual data room that contains all the essential information about your company and enables efficient due diligence.

    We strive for a stringent, clearly managed process that distracts you as little as possible from your operational tasks. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to intervene with the venture capital company if we feel that certain information can be satisfied more pragmatically or in a somewhat condensed form.

  5. Participation agreement

    2-4 weeks

    We coordinate the contract negotiations and find solutions to any problems and hurdles that may arise.

    Even though specialized lawyers play an important role in drafting the participation agreement, we feel responsible for the project until the notarial closing.

Call us for a confidential exchange of ideas. We look forward to discussing our approach, our industry expertise and references for our work.

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Managing Partner
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