Quantum Partners advises Multiphoton Optics GmbH and its shareholders on the sale to Heidelberg Instruments Mikrotechnik GmbH

3d printing / Two photon polymerization / Micro-fabrication

Project highlights

The demand for photonics is growing at a sustained rate, pulled by the increasing requirements of the datacom industry in terms of speed and bandwidth. At the same time, the market for optoelectronics and for embedded optical elements is showing similar trends due to rising demand from the automotive (electric and self-driving vehicles), lighting (LEDs), and consumer electronics industries. 

Multiphoton Optics (MPO) is a pioneer of two-photon polymerization and has developed a high-precision exposure system for 3D printing down to the sub-micrometer range. Combining advanced technology know-how and application expertise, MPO enables customers to realize innovative applications in the fields of micro-optics, photonics, micro-mechanics and biomedicine. Customers use MPO’s technology to manufacture prototypes, components, or masters for replication.

After years of cooperation, some of the shareholders of the company wanted to sell their stakes. On the other hand, the management wished to involve a strategic partner to enhance production capacities and speed up international sales. Together with the management, Quantum Partners set up a broad international sell-side process. Heidelberg Instruments was identified as the best buyer and partner since it has as a complementary technology base and the global presence required to support MPO’s further growth. 

About Multiphoton Optics

Multiphoton Optics GmbH was founded in 2013 as a spin-off from Fraunhofer-Institute for Silicate Research ISC and is based in Würzburg. The company is a global solution provider for 3D lithography via two-photon polymerization (TPP). This technology enables the fabrication of complex functional structures that find application in micro-optics and microsystems technology, optical interconnects, micromechanics and biomedical engineering.

About Heidelberg Instruments

With over 1,000 installed systems and 35 years of experience, Heidelberg Instruments (HIMT) is one of the leading international players in the development and production of high-precision photolithography systems and nanofabrication tools. HIMT systems are installed in industrial and scientific facilities around the world and are tailored to micro- and nanofabrication requirements and specific customer needs. They are used for direct imaging, as well as for photomask fabrication in a wide range of industries, including semiconductors, quantum computing, photonics, 2D materials, IoT, and many related application fields.

See the official press release here: https://multiphoton.de/news/

About Quantum Partners

Quantum Partners GmbH, headquartered in Munich, is a specialized corporate finance advisor that supports clients in company transactions as well as in finding financing.