Quantum Partners acts as sole financial advisor in the sale of Wellcosan GmbH to BIP Group


Project highlights

Within the globally growing fitness and health market, an increasing trend around prevention, self-therapy and regeneration has become apparent in recent years. Previously, technical equipment in this area had been reserved for specialized facilities or professional athletes due to the high costs involved. Starting in the USA, in recent years a broad range of products has emerged also addressed to private customers.

With its auto-massage devices, Wellcosan has developed a self-therapy solution that enables both muscle regeneration after sports and self-therapy of vascular and oedema complaints. As the first provider in the European market, Wellcosan set the quality standard early on and was able to position itself sustainably with its brands “Reboots” and “Venen Engel” through targeted digital marketing activities in both the sports and health markets. Wellcosan sells its products as an e-commerce company D2C, mainly through its two online stores and Amazon.

Due to age, some of the shareholders were looking for a succession plan. At the same time, the company was looking for a suitable investor for the international roll-out and the expansion of the product portfolio. Together with the management, Quantum Partners set up a broad international sell-side process and was able to identify the private equity company BIP as the optimal partner for the further growth path and the succession solution.

About Wellcosan

The German e-commerce company Wellcosan GmbH is Europe’s leading provider of gliding wave massage devices in the consumer sector. Wellcosan’s technology optimizes the regeneration of athletes on the one hand, but also enables self-treatment of venous complaints. Wellcosan is the only player that has managed to sustainably position itself in both the sports and health markets with its brands “Reboots” and “Venen Engel”.

About BIP Group

BIP Group is a Luxembourg-based private equity firm founded in 2000. With a fund volume of around 150 million euros, BIP invests primarily in Western European growth companies in the technology, media, telecommunications, industrial, consumer goods, retail, B2B services and healthcare sectors in the course of buy-outs, growth capital and succession planning.

About Quantum Partners

Quantum Partners GmbH, headquartered in Munich, is a specialized corporate finance advisor that supports clients in company transactions as well as in equity financing.