Industry Expertise

Profound expertise in various industries

We have concrete and long-standing experience in the “technology”, “media & Internet“ and “software & business services” segments, which is based on business activities, leadership positions, and investing and advisory activities. We can show you extensive transaction experience in each of the segments:


e.g. sensors, semiconductor equipment, positioning systems, polymer electronics, electro-mobility, payment systems, optical switches, fuel cells, UV systems, building installation, micro-camera systems, specialized tool construction

Media & Internet

e.g. various vertical e-commerce sectors, advertising-based models, tourism, social networks, home shopping, video streaming, music streaming, digital image archives, content / advertising platforms, online / PC games

Software & Business Services

e.g. ERP systems, asset management systems for computer game development, language processing, customer care and outsourcing, sales-oriented services, online banking backend software, fitness systems